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Bike Touring from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh 21Days

Hanoi, Vietnam
21 Days

Bike Touring from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh 21Days

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Bike Touring from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh 21Days

Cycling Routes: Hanoi – Luong Son – Cao Phong –Mai chau – Canh Nang – Cam Thuy – Tho Xuan – Yen Cat – Thai Hoa – Huong Khe – Xuan Son – Phong Nha – Khe Sanh – A Luoi – Hue – Hoi An – Quang Ngai – Quy Nhon – Tuy Hoa – Nha Trang – Da Lat – Di Linh – Dai Ninh – Mui Ne – Binh Chau – Vung Tau – TP Ho Chi Minh

Riding a mountain bike along the byways of Vietnam is a most rewarding way to experience the beautiful scenery of coast, plains and highlands, plus interact with the local people. We begin our journey from historic Hanoi in the north, travelling by the same mode as the local people. Visit the beautiful cities of Hue and Hoi An rich in history and architecture; relax in the blue waters of idyllic Nha Trang, then leave the coast for the mountain retreat of Dalat. The trip concludes in modern Ho Chi Minh City. The warmth and hospitality of the many, many Vietnamese people we meet along the way will add to a rich and diverse experience.

Day 1: Road Biking Hanoi – Luong Son – Cao Phong -Mai chau – 145km
Day 2: Road Biking Mai Chau – Canh Nang
Day 3: Road Biking Canh Nang – Cam Thuy – Tho Xuan – Yen Cat – 117km
Day 4 : Road Biking Yen Cat – Thai Hoa – Huong Khe(Ha Tinh) – 239km
Day 5: Road Biking Huong Khe – Xuan Son – Phong Nha – 134km
Day 6: Road Biking Phong Nha – Khe Sanh – 171km
Day 7: Road Biking Khe Sanh – A Luoi – 106km
Day 8: Road BikingA Luoi – Hue
Day 9: Hue
Day 10:Road Biking Hue – Lang Co
Day 11: Road Biking Lang Co – Hoi An
Day 12: Road Biking Hoi An – Quang Ngai – 151km
Day 13: Road Biking Quang Ngai – Binh Dinh – Quy Nhon – 173km
Day 14: Road Biking Quy Nhon – Tuy Hoa(Phu Yen) – 94km
Day 15: Road Biking Tuy Hoa – Nha Trang – 149km
Day 16: Road Biking Nha Trang – Da Lat – 137km
Day 17: Road Biking Da Lat – Di Linh – Dai Ninh – Mui Ne(Phan Thiet) – 165km
Day 18: Road Biking Mui Ne – Binh Chau – Vung Tau – 162km
Day 19: Road Biking Vung Tau – TP Ho Chi Minh
Day 20: Road Biking Sai Gon – Cu Chi
Day 21: Road Biking Ho Chi Minh City – Departure

Detail Itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi – Luong Son – Cao Phong -Mai chau – 145km

– Travelo Vietnam Leave Hanoi at about 08.00am for 1.5 hour road transfer along national road 6 to Luong Son.
– Start biking from Luong Son along a narrow and quiet country tarmac for 2.5 hours through hilly land featured with tea and sugar caine plantation of Kim Boi District via Bai Trao to Cao Phong.
– Lunch break in Cao Phong.
– Continue biking after lunch along national road 6 to Thung Khe Mountain Pass. Some may love to conquer this steep pass, some wish to take vehicle for transfer uphill to the top of the pass.
– Biking downhill from the top of Thung Khe Pass to Tong Dau junction, turn left to the narrow tarmac for 6km throguh Mai Chau Valley.
– Arriving to Mai Chau Lodge or homestay in Village at about 05.00pm, check in and spend about an hour to explore the charming village of the Thai ethnic peoples.
Day summary: Road transfer 65km/ biking 80km approx 5 hours Acc: Mai Chau Lodge or homestay in Pom Coong Village.

– Leave Mai Chau after breakfast, biking along the narrow road 15 which was the starting portion of Ho Chi Minh trail in the war time first through beautiful valley with rice fields of Mai Chau District and later through bamboo forest where the road winds up and down along the Ma River to all the way to Canh Nang. Lunch along the way.
– There are plenty time to day for visiting villages of the Thai and Muong along the way.
– Arriving in Canh Nang, a small and quiet town let set on the bank of the Ma River at about 5.00pm, check in hotel and free to explore the town let and contryside.
Day summary: Road transfer 0km/ biking 60km approx 5 hours Acc: Local basic hotel.

– Travelo Vietnam Leave Canh Nang after breakfast and cycle 40km along the narrow road 15 through the midland of Thanh Hoa Province, along the Ma River to Cam Thuy. Lunch break in this beautiful town let.
– Continue biking 23km along Ho Chi Minh road which offers beautiful ride on quiet asphalt through the midland of Cam Thuy District of Thanh Hoa Province featured with lush sugar caine farms and plantation covering the hilly land and green rice fields. Stop for paying visit to the historical site of Lam Kinh(Historical legiondary region of Le Loi uphillval in 15th Century).
– Continue biking for another hour to Doc Mit, picked up for a short transfer to Yen Cat town let, check in hotel and relax.
Day summary: Road transfer 30km/ biking max 87km approx 6 hours/ Stay overnight in Yen Cat – Local basic hotel.

– Breakfast and Travelo Vietnam leave Yen Cat at about 08.00am for 55km biking for the whole morning. Lunch break in Yen Cat.
– Transfer along Ho Chi Minh road for about 2 hours after lunch via Do Luong, Nam Dan to Kim Lien Village. Spend half an hour to visit to the house where Ho Chi Minh was born and brought up before proceesing to Dong Loc junction.
– Biking again for about 2 hours from mid afternoon getting through the wild region of Huong Khe District, Ha Tinh Province. Arriving to Huong Khe town let before it gets dark, check in hotel, dinner and relax.
Day summary: Road transfer 149km/ biking max 90km approx 6 hours/ Stay overnight in Huong Khe – Local basic hotel.

– Leave Huong Khe after breakfast and biking 1.5 hour along the narrow road 15 for 20km to Tan Son junction and follow Ho Chi Minh road which winds its way up and down hills and mountains which covered by thick rain forest, passing over several mountain passes for 2 hours to Yen Thanh. There is chances to visit some small villages of the Muong and Ruc tribal peoples along the way. Travelo Vietnam Lunch break in Yen Thanh.
– Afternoon tour, heading to Phong Nha, is a combination of road transfer and biking because there are several tough ascending in this portion, especially the Da Deo Pass between Ha Tinh and Quang Binh Provinces. This portion also offers the most spectacular and magnificent landscapes so far.
– Arriving to Xuan Son in near Phong Nha Cave in mid afternoon, take 2 hours boat trip to explore the famous Phong Nha Cave, the longest river tunnel in Vietnam.
– Back to Xuan Son town let, check in hotel and relax.
Day summary: Road transfer 64km/ biking max 70km approx 4 hours/ Boat trip 2 hours/ Stay overnight in Xuan Son- Local basic hotel.

– From Xuan Son, the former Ho Chi Minh trails had several different routes to go further to the South, there are even 2 branches ggetting through the border to Lao’s tetitory. However the biking today will follow the west branch of the Ho Chi Minh road which goes along the border with Laos for the whole day to Khe Sanh. There are several historical sites of the war against the US remaining such as part of the former Ho Chi Minh trail, bridges and cemetery as well as hiltribal villages…The tour today is also a combaination of biking and road transfer.
– Arriving to Khe Sanh town let in mid afternoon, spend an hour to visit the museum of Khe Sanh before check in hotel, dinner and relax.
Day summary: Road transfer 80km/ biking max 91km approx 5 hours/ Stay overnight in Khe Sanh- Local basic hotel.

– Travelo Vietnam Leaving Khe Sang after breakfast for 11km biking along road 9 to Ka Lu junction with a stop to visit Lang Vay, famous historical site of the fierce fighting in 1968 and 1972.
– Then cross the Dak Krong River by a suspension bridge and then follow Ho Chi Minh road again for about nearly 2 hours to A Lieng. This portion offers scenery of the wild nature as well as a lot traces of the war with Amerian army. Lunch break in A Lieng.
– Continue biking after lunch for over 3 hours to A Luoi. Upon arrival to A Luoi pay visiting to the former site of the A Luoi Valley.
– Check in a local hotel here, dinner and free to explore this newly built town let.
Day summary: Road transfer 20km/ biking max 86km approx 5 hours/ Stay overnight in A Luoi – Local basic hotel.

– Breakfast and then cycle along road 49 mostly downhill for 52km to Hue. Enjoy great view of the coastal region as you get out of the tropical forest.
– Arriving in Hue at noon, check in hotel and enjoy the whole afternoon at your leisure.
Day summary: Road transfer 0km/ biking 52km approx 3 hours/ Stay overnight in Hue – Hotel.

– Full day tour Hue including the visit to the ancient citadel, boat trip along Huong River and a visit to the cemetary of King Khai Dinh.
– Stay overnight in Hue. Enjoy dinner with sample of royal music.

– Travelo Vietnam Leave Hue in the morning, transfer 15km out of the busy city to Phu Bai and enjoy 2 hours easy biking along the coastal line to Lang Co
– Check in the Lang Co Beach resort and relax on the beautiful sandy beach for the whole afternoon.
Day summary: Road transfer 15km/ biking 54km approx 3 hours/ Stay overnight in Lang Co – Resort

– Leave Lang Co for a challenging biking today: Getting over the Hai Van Pass. Start biking from the resort and quickly getting uphill along the large former highway 1A which is now become quiet thanks to the construction of the tunnel. It takes about 2.5 hours to cycle up to the top of the pass. And about 1 hour to get downhill to the Red Beach on the southern side of the mountain range. This portion offers spectacular view of Da Nang Bay as well as beautiful nature of Truong Son Mountain range.
– Lunch in Da Nang, paying visit to Cham Sculpture Museum before continue biking along the beautiful coatal road to Hoi An with an hour stop at the mid way to visit the Marble Mountain.
– Arriving in Hoi An at about 05.00pm, check in hotel and free to relax.
Day summary: Road transfer 10km/ biking 65km approx 5 hours/ Stay overnight in Hoi An – Hotel or beach resort.

– Leave Hoi An on bike along the country tarmac along Thu Bon River for 10km to Vinh Dien. Then follow national road 1A 44km through the evergreen coastal flat land of Quang Nam Province to Tam Ky. Lunch break here.
– Transfer 38km after lunch to Tri Binh and biking from here for about 3.5 hours in the afternoon along narrower and quiet contry road through the beautiful region along the coast, passing several historical sites of the war against the US such as: Chu Lai marine base, Van Tuong battle field and especially My Lai Village. Spend 1/2 hour to visit My Lai before processing to Quang Ngai.
– Check in hotel, relax and dinner.
Day summary: Road transfer 38 to km/ biking 113km approx 6 hours/ Stay overnight in Quang Ngai.

– Leave Quang Ngai for 21km road transfer along the busy traffic of road 1A to Mo Duc Town let. Then start biking from here along the beautiful asphalt serface of national road 1A which winds its way up and down the hilly region of the coastal trip under shade of coconut plantions, passing many fishing villages to Sa Huynh which is famous for beautiful scenery where the mountain meets the see(biking 46km)
– Enjoy an hour sweeming in the emerald water of the see and on the white sandy beach before lunch.
– Travelo Vietnam Transfer after lunch about 1.5 hour to Ngo May town let and afternoon biking starts from here for nearly 3 hours to Quy nhon. Arriving to hotel at about 05.30pm, check in and free to relax on the beach.
Day summary: Road transfer 86km/ biking 87km approx 5 hours/ Stay overnight in Quy Nhon – Hoang Anh Resort – 4 star

– Start biking right from the resort along the 1B road for challenging with the Quy Hoa Pass which runs along the coastal line and offers stunning panorama of the Quy Nhon Bay. Cycling downhill and later along beautiful road with great view of Van Phong Bay to Deo Nai Pass which offers another challenge before lunch break in Song Cau Town let(41km)
– Continue biking for the whole afternoon along beautiful coastal region via Chi Thanh to Phu Vang town let. Stop biking from here for 10km road transfer to the center of Tuy Hoa, the central city of Phu yen Province. Check in hotel, freshen up, dinner and free to explore this beautiful city on the bank of Tuy Phong Bay.
Day summary: Road transfer 10km/ biking 84km approx 6 hours/ Stay overnight in Tuy Hoa – Hotel.

– Today morning, the biking road is beautiful but having 2 changes: Getting over two passes: The Ca Pass and Co Ma Pass. Start biking from hotel and challenging uphill 28km to the top of Ca Pass. From the top, getting gradually downhill to Vung Ro, this portion probably offers the most stunning scenery of the mountains and sea combination(11km).
– Take a break at Vung Ro before enjoying conquering Co Ma Pass and then having an hour relaxing on white sandy beach of Dai Lanh before lunch.
– Transfer for an hour after lunch to Ninh Hoa and then biking again from mid afternoon along coastal road of Van Phong Bay and then cycling over the Bach Ma Pass before arriving to Nha Trang. Check in hotel and free to explore this famous coastal city.
Day summary: Road transfer 69km/ biking 80km approx 6 hours/ Stay overnight in Nha Trang – Hotel.

– Leave Nha Trang for the whole morning biking along a narrow tarmac which runs along the Cau River through peaceful countryside of Dien Khanh District with several historical relics of the CHAMPA culture. Arriving to Tra Lien Commune at noon, enjoy lunch break here.
– Afternoon road to Da Lat winds its way up steep mountains through thick rain forest and passing remote tribal villages. So due to tough terrain, biking is possible but for some short distance only. So biking plan today afternoon is let opned for flexibility.
– Arriving to Da Lat at about 5.00pm, check in hotel and free to explore this charming city which is named the Jade of the Central Highland.
Day summary: Road transfer 67km/ biking 70km approx 5 hours/ Stay overnight in Da Lat.

– Leave Da Lat for 2 hours road trasnfer through the Di Linh Highland to the top of Dai Ninh Pass(94km). Start biking from the top of the pass mostly downhill heading east to the coastal area, passing through highland which covered by thick forest and coffee plantation, and later the midland with lush cashewnut farms and then to the coastal plain with large villages surrounded by rice fields and coconut farms. Lunch break for an hour in Kim Sa Coomune.
– Afternoon biking takes two hours through the densely populated plain of Binh Thuan Province busy with daily activities of the local farmers doing their everyday works such as ploughing, harrowing or harvesting…
– Arriving to the junction with national road 1A at about 3.30pm, stop biking for 20km road trasnfer to Phan Thiet, check in a beach resort and free at leisure.
Day summary: Road transfer 100km/ biking 65km approx 4 to 5 hours/ Stay overnight in Phan Thiet – beach resort.

– Leaving Mui Ne after breakfast, take 25km road transfer along the coastal road, heading south through Phan Thiet City. Start biking from Tien Binh Commune for the whole morning along the coastal road to Ham Tan Town let. Stops along the way for photos and visiting the Ke Ga Penisular.
– Lunch break in Ham Tien, and continue biking for about 2 hours in the afternoon to Phuoc Buu. Picked up from here for road trasnfer to Vung Tau City. Check in hotel near the beach upon arrival and then relax
Day summary: Road transfer 82km/ biking 80km approx 5 hours/ Stay overnight in Phan Thiet – beach resort.

– Take hydrofoil from Vung Tau boat pier to Ho Chi Minh City. Picked up upon arrival and transfer to hotel for check in.

– Morning visit to Cu Chi Tunnel.

Don’t see the date for this tour to suit your schedule? No problems, Create Your Own Date. Choose the dates that you want to travel and as long as you happy to open the tour to other people joining we will charge you the standard tour price – no markups!

1. You must have booked and paid your deposit for travel dates that are at least 1 to 3 months in the future. This just gives us time to promote the trip and find other people to join you.
2. Create Your Own Date for this tour applies for bookings of two or more people only. If you are a solo traveller we can do our best to get a group for the dates you choose but we cannot guarantee standard pricing until we achieve a minimum of 2 people.
3. This offer is subject to availability. In peak season we may not have the capability to add tour dates to our already busy schedule.

Rates vary frequently. Please contact us to get the best possible price based upon your travel period and specific touring needs.

* English Speaking tour leader (other languages upon requests)
* All accommodations base on twin-share at hotel, guesthouse and Home stay.etc…
* Meals detailed in the itinerary (B = Breakfast, L = Lunches, D = Dinners)
* A/C transfers and transportation.
* Boat trip mention in itinerary
* Sightseeing excursions as outlined in itinerary
* Train Ticket mentioning program
* Pump, bike tools, spares tubes.
* Spare bike
* Mineral water drinking.
* Seasonal fruits.
* Snacks
* International airfares
* Travel insurance and bike helmet (compulsory)
* Items of a personal nature
* Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
* Mineral water beyond that supplied
* Single Supplement
* Optional excursions
* Additional transport required due to any emergency situation
* Personal expenses such as telephone and laundry bills
* Mountain bicycle (Bike Hire US$10/per day)
* Visa fees
* Departure taxes
* Tipping for guiding

Note: Hotels are subject to change due to availability. In that case we will choose equivalent accommodation

Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Travelo Vietnam can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity to savor tempting local food and world famous – dishes.

Tour infor

Bikes: we use the new trek mountain bikes for all most cycling trip with different size from 13.5 – 23.5 We generally use models of TREK mountain in bikes because they are high quality, durable pieces of equipment. Besides,

We like the versatility and durability of the mountain bike as it has been designed to cope with different types of terrain and riding. Our trips can be on asphalt and can often be broken or potholed, and there are usually unsurfaced sections included, so mountain bikes are the most suitable. They also have the range of gears to cope with the hills.

Each bike comes with a single water bottle cage, if you prefer more you are welcome to bring your own. Bikes also have gel seat cover slips if you prefer a softer ride. If you have your own saddle that you are comfortable with seat, you are welcome to bring it and we’ll fit it. On long tours women specific seats are recommended and we have some available, but we cannot guarantee we will available for every tour. These bikes also are available for rent in case you want to go it alone or just need a bike for a day.

Bikes Repairs: basic spires and tools kid are generally carried by guide and on the support vehicle, although we cannot guarantee having spares for every conceivable problem. Caring a basic tool kids, a spare tube and a pump while riding is recommended. We cannot guarantee having spares for every conceivable problem. Caring a basic tool kids, a spare tube and a pump while riding is recommended.

Safety: wearing a helmet is compulsory on all our biking adventures. Your tour guide are trained in first aid and emergency rescue, tour guide often carry first aid box with their bikes while riding we often used mini bus and bus with air condition for transfer and back up as itineraries

Support: We use van Support bikes and cyclist

( 1 – 4 pax) we use Van to support and carry out bikes)

( 5 – 8 pax) we use one Van and one truck to supports

Accommodation: When cycling we stay in friendly hotel, guesthouse or homestays. Some are more basic than others! Bear in mind that some of the places we overnight in are not on the standard tourist trail.In larger cities and towns, our hotels are generally more western style and are three or four hotels or resort. Please do not expect the same standard as you would your home.

Our Guides: the tour will be led by one of English – speaking guides. All our guides have great knowledge of history, local culture, and religions of the area where you are cycling and introduce that experiences for you. Our guides have been trained in this field and is fully licensed in tour guiding by Vietnam National Tourism. Our guides are also medically skilled in first Aid by SOS and they know how to deal with hard situations.

Grading definition: To assist you visualize how our trip is difficult, we have graded our adventure tours into three categories, easy, moderate, and challenging, we group many factors into consideration into this grading, including distant covered, terrain, altitude, weather conditions and vehicle support

Easy: suitable for most people in good health. These trips generally include short days, on good paths and at low attitudes

Moderate: A reasonable level of fitness is required, as these trips can require sustained endurance levels, hill longer days and altitude. All of our moderate trips have a support vehicle following closely, weary travellers can hitch a ride and take a rest for a while.

Challenging: these trips are physically demanding and best suited for fit people with high endurance level. Day can be longer, often at altitude, in emoted regions and sometimes without supports vehicle nearby. travellers may be required to carry a backpacks

Terrain: Distances on full cycling days average around 50 – 80km. Our route is mainly on tarmac roads of varying quality with are some more like hard – packed dirt, Terrain is generally flat or undulating with a few notable climbs. Distance for second days and half of third day is around 60- 80 km. Our routes are mainly on single track, dirt road and trail, we cycle around villages and villages, through rice paddy terraces.

Food: All the meals which, are mentioned in itinerary, are included in the price of this tour. Most of meals are Vietnamese local food in Homestays. While in towns, we will enjoy Vietnamese cuisine in delicious restaurants Meals consist of a variety of balanced dishes and aim for universal appeal, we avoid highly spiced foods. Vegetarians are certainly welcome and are always accommodated, please let us know of any dietary concerns at time of booking. Beverage and alcoholic drink are not included at mealtime or in restaurants

Snack & Water: when we transfer, ride by minibus (no cycling day), our bottled waters are always available for you (two little for one day for person with wet tissue) When we have cycling days, we will offer cold water and wet tissue in box plus fresh tropical fruits, soft – drink, energy – drinking, (five little water for cycling day/ person Beer is freely available everywhere in Vietnam, but not include in our trip.

The Home stays: Homestay in the villages is simple in term of bedding condition and enticements. We will sleep on beds or floor with mattress, clean sheet, pillow and mosquito nets. Toilet is usually western style.

Weather: Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate. Broadly speaking, the weather in Vietnam is dictated by two seasons – the southwest monsoon from April to September and the Northeast monsoon from October to late march or early April. Due to regional climate differences, there are no right or wrong seasons to visit Vietnam. The North Vietnam is cool, damp in winters between November and December and February with temperature in Hanoi falling to around 15oC. The summer months from April to October are hot and dry. The best time visit Vietnam is spring (February – April) or autumn (late September – December) when it is not so humid. The weather turns quite cold and wet in January and this continues to march. The humidity can prove oppressive from May to the early September.

Money: the official national currency is the Vietnamese Dong ( VND), but the US dollar is widely accepted in allmost tourist centers. However, small towns and the villages the VND is preferred, ATM are available in all major cities and towns, tourist destinations, Vietcombank, Agriculture banks are the best networks with a limit a single withdraw limit of 2000,000 d ( 95 USD). Most major currencies can be exchanged in leading in Vietnam, but th USD is preferred away from the tourist centers. Changing 100 USD wil make you to be a millionaire. You cannot legally take the dong out of Vietnam but you can reconvert reasonable amounts of it into USD on departure

Clothing: comfortable lightweight clothing in natural fabrics such as cotton is most suitable for traveling in Vietnam. The dress code is fairly casual as it is in most parts of the tropics but it is advisable to cover arms and legs in the evening against biting insects. A light weight raincoat or rain cape is a good ideal in the raining season. For on the bike you will need to bring a couple of pairs of cycling shorts and short leave jerseys, a pairs of cycling glove and if you use them, your clip in cycling shoes/ sandals.. when travel in the North Vietnam during winter months ( late November – March) warm clothe is needed. Visitors to Buddhist countries should not to wear shorts, short skirts or other skimpy clothing when visiting religious centers and shoes should be removed before entering private homes

Passport & Visa: All visitors are required to have a valid visa to enter Vietnam. A one month tourist visa is usually sufficient for most visitors, though it is possible to arrange three months or six month – multiple entry visa for regular visitors. The Snail Adventure Tours company is authorized to issue visa on arrival at Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi, Danang International Airport in Danang, and Tan San Nhat in Ho chi Minh city.The same authorization procedure and a minimum move 5 days working notice is required. In emergency case they can arrange a visa o arrival if notice of 2 working days is given

Tipping: Tipping for good services is always appreciated in these developing countries. It is customary, though not compulsory, to tip tour guides and drivers at the end of the tour. Hotels and station porters should also be tipped a small amount for . We recommend 5 US Dollar / person/per day for cycling tour guides .. 2 USD/ person/ day for driver and 1 USD/ person/ day for doorbell when checking in and out

Responsible Tourism: we strongly believe that Responsible Tourism can support to local communities: proving incomes, positive cultural exchanges and an incentive to protect natural environment. We recognize that there is always space for improvement. We continually strive to narrow the gap between principle and practice

Environment: we have been turning environmentally responsible tourism into practices to minimize tourist impact upon the local habitat. From biodegradable soaps to re – usable water containers, we provide clients with the best information and mean to help them identify and implement effective ways to positive protect local nature and communities. It is a vital criteria that can be passed on and abidance by all, long after the trip ended.

Community: Prior to our tours, we contact and work with local community leaders to make sure we are welcome and in a manner that minimizes negative social and cultural impacts. We visit local development and community projects specific to the region, encouraging customers to donate and assist such a projects in appropriate and sustainable manner. Where make sure that where and whenever possible our tours positively benefit the local community. We stayed at locally owned accommodation and visit cottage industries for local handicraft souvenir, generating income for local business. We often employ, hire support team such as local guide, moto taxi drivers, cook assistants on all trips to ensure that the local community benefit not only short term but with increased employment opportunities for the future

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